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You're great at doing REI deals...

But bad at business structure

Learn to Build A Business That Serves You:

  • Grow a team of world class operators to run the business  
  • Master systems so you aren't the single point of failure
  • Define your strategy and prioritize projects
  • Separate your time from your income by staying in your "zone" 

Here's what some of my coaching clients had to say...

"It used to take me 70 hours a week to do 3-5 deals a month. With Dan's 80/20 systems, now we close over a dozen deals a WEEK and I only work because I want to..."

Nick Perry
Founder, WantToSellNow

Dan has helped me dial my operations in to the point I don't ever have to talk to sellers or look at deals. Last month we did $90,000 in assignments. This is a mandatory community.

Tyler Austin
Founder, REISift

The Academy is game-changing! It gives you an exact blueprint to set up the systems and processes so your business serves YOU (not the other way around). 

Vaughn Bethell
Founder, REI Junkies

I've learned more about running a business than in my MBA program...

Whether you're new or you've been in business awhile like me, the Academy has let me build my business to serve ME instead of the other way around.

"The best money I've ever spent" - Bemate Bomboma

"This has been a gift from god for us to have the opportunity to plug into this collective wisdom."

On Our Strategy Call We Will

  • Pinpoint the biggest weakness in your operation
  • Get clarity on your goals for the next 12 months
  • Line up the right next thing that moves the needle
  • Map out a plan to scale to 7 figures and beyond