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In 90 Days: Close At Least One More Deal Per Month With This Seller Closing System Hardly Any Investor Knows About

We can help you if you've done at least 5 deals in the last 12 months...and no matter what you've tried in the've never been able to crack $100k/mo consistently.


"It used to take me 70 hours a week to do 3-5 deals a month. With Dan's 80/20 systems, now we close over a dozen deals a WEEK and I only work because I want to..."

Nick Perry
Founder, WantToSellNow

Dan has helped me dial my operations in to the point I don't ever have to talk to sellers or look at deals. Last month we did $90,000 in assignments. This is a mandatory community.

Tyler Austin
Founder, REISift

The Academy is game-changing! It gives you an exact blueprint to set up the systems and processes so your business serves YOU (not the other way around). 

Vaughn Bethell
Founder, REI Junkies

About The Creator, Erik Bee

"Stop wasting money on leads without a bullet-proof sales process.”

Raised by a professional Appraiser, Erik Bee has been surrounded by real estate his whole life. 

His background in appraisal lead to leading the sales and marketing team at CT Homes, the flagship acquisitions arm of Than Merril's Fortune Builders. 

He went on to start his own investing firm, where he personally went on over 1000 seller appointments to perfect his "8020 Appointment Flow" process in San Diego. 

He's consulted with dozens of REI companies with across the nation with Real Estate Funnel Solutions to help them implement his sales systems and teams. 

He know runs the 80/20 Momentum and 80/20 Academy programs to help active investors turn their hustle into a systemized machine doing 5+ acquisitions per month. 

About The Co-Creator, Dan Schwartz

"The most important thing is to build systems for others to succeed.”

Dan Schwartz founded the REI CRM InvestorFuse, which has helped 1000s of real estate investors get a grip on their leads to close more deals. He sold the company in 2022. 

He then went on to found the 80/20 Investor Academy, a community and educational platform which now serves over 220 actively scaling real estate investors. 

He's obsessed with helping entrepreneurs create leverage and freedom through business systems and amazing teams. 

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