Turn your hustle into a systemized machine

Implement our 80/20 operating system to generate $100k / month


We're obsessed with helping CEOs and Founders find freedom and build a legacy through entrepreneurship. 

Too often, business owners get caught in the trap of feeling like they need to do everything themselves...which causes overwhelm.

And the harder you work...the deeper into the "hole" you get, restricting income, and causing burnout...

This leads to switching to the next shiny object. 

Our goal is to get you out of this mode of operating, and help you install systems and people that can turn your business into an ASSET (vs. a JOB).

Our Founder, DAn schwartz

After 5 years as a full time investor, and co-founding InvestorFuse, the leading lead conversion software in the real estate investor space, Dan realized that his top clients consistently needed help with more than just lead management:

- Team



-Time Management

-Defining Strategy, Plan, and Sequencing Projects


Basically everything to do with becoming scale-ABLE...so you can increase your lead flow without the entire business machine breaking down.

What started as consulting calls in 2018 quickly turned into what is now a thriving community of over 170 REI founders focused on mastering ENTREPRENEURSHIP and personal growth.

build out your scale plan

What's Inside the 80/20 investor academy?

The 80/20 Investor Academy is an immersive group coaching experience. Rather than a community of "good ole' boys," we've cultivated a diverse set of real estate entrepreneurs paired with world class training.

The Portal

-Over 400 hours of results-oriented training and expert case studies

-Easily searchable

-Ongoing core trainings related to our Generate, Monetize, and Scale model

The Community

-Over 170 scaling companies spanning all real estate investing strategies (not just wholesalers).

-Companies are already doing deals...this is a not a group for newer investors.

The Trainings

-Virtual workshops paired with digital workbooks for you to get work done and leave with a plan of action

-Multi-day Intensives twice a year

-Easy to understand visual models and frameworks you can take back to your team

The Accountability

-Two calls a week to get clear on your priorities, overcome challenges, and share your wins with the group

-A highly engaged private Facebook group

-Access to Dan and his team

Turn your hustle into a systemized machine

Implement our 80/20 operating system to generate $100k / month