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"It used to take me 70 hours a week to do 3-5 deals a month. With Dan Schwartz and his team's systems and training, now we close over a dozen deals a WEEK and I only work because I want to..."

 -Nick Perry, CEO, WantToSellNow

Here's What You Will Have Instant Access To In The Scaling Real Estate Investor Group:

11 Years of Experience In Real Estate Investing And Owning a 7 Figure Business With Zero Time

  • Marketing/Sales: Access to Inbound & Outbound Marketing Experts, Negotiation Experts
  • Systems: Replace Yourself By Implementing the Right Tools and Processes 
  • Hiring: Find Virtual Assistants and Team Members To Take Work Off Your Plate...The Right Way
  • Operations: Learn How to Execute Efficiently Without Putting Out Fires Constantly
  • Technology: Get Trained On The Best Software Solutions Available With Unbiased Opinions
  • Metrics: Understand How to "Know Your Numbers" So You Don't Leave Success To Chance
  • PLUS Live Training, Interviews & MUCH MORE!!!

So, if you...

✅ Feel like you know WAY TOO MUCH about REI not to be further along than you are...       

✅ Experience inconsistent deal flow, income, and productivity month after month 

✅ Spin your tires working long hours without anything extra to show for it 

✅ Struggle to remove yourself from low level $5-10/hour tasks that drain your energy

✅  Want t2o take your business from 6 to 7 figures as fast as possible

Then I would love to grant you access to this community!

Being an 80/20 Investor is about creating leverage using a concept called The 80/20 Principle, which is the foundation for our inner circle group, the 80/20 Investor Academy. When you join the group, you'll get access to a document that provides every resource and tool you need to run a very low overhead, high margin business that doesn't involve a lot of your time.  

You'll have access to material normally reserved for people paying upwards of $20K+ for mastermind groups that teach this...all for free. 


Frank Scapaticci's First "Truly Hands Off" Deal

6 Figure Return On Investment Within Months

What Others Say About Dan's Groups

"The best money I've ever spent" - Bemate Bomboma

"This has been a gift from god for us to have the opportunity to plug into this collective wisdom."

Who I Can Help

The biggest revelation in business comes only after you’ve felt the pain of being the single point of failure for your whole business.

After speaking with thousands of investors over the last 9 years, this is the ONE thing that keeps smart, ambitious entrepreneurs from breaking through. 

So we can help Active Real Estate Investors who

  • Know how to close deals already - This is not going to show you how to find and negotiate your first deal. This is going to show you how to turn that into a business that will emerge from the 2020 chaos still intact.
  • Needs a group of like minded business owners and potential partners to hold them accountable and mingle with on a weekly basis
  • Feel they are doing things randomly and reactively vs. confidently and proactively
  • Sees the opportunity this “quarantine economy” presents to investors and WILL NOT GIVE UP or pause their business like others
  • Is overwhelmed by all the shiny objects and wants to focus on one thing to bring in consistent money
  • Is willing to let go of the mindset of “if I don’t do it, it’ll never get done” and understand how to let go without losing control.

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