80/20 Academy Has A New Face, New Community, And New Program 


Hey 8020 team! I have some great news: As of Jan 25th, 2023, The 80/20 Academy has officially launched a new program and direction:
It's called Momentum. Why? Well...we are "80/20'ing" the Academy...because we realized that the program has TOO much in it as is...and in order to get rolling faster, you need specific, quick action and momentum towards the TRUE 20% that contributes to the majority of your success: Your sales process.
You need consistent deal flow NOW, without dumping more money into marketing.
And you need a leader who's actually doing this.
THE BIG IDEA: Once your sales process is dialed in with high conversion rates, THEN we will revisit your 80/20 Roadmap to build systems and team around it. 
Before, it was the other way around. And we found this to be too overwhelming for most investors.


8020 Momentum will share the best model I know for running an REI acquisitions business:
  • Using a setter/closer model to convert your leads
  • Non-manipulative, transparent sales convos using a "Net sheet" style iPad offer process
  • Offering multiple recession friendly options 
  • Setting up simple tech/automation to make sales scalable 
  • Hiring a rockstar "Sales Associate" (Leads Manager) so you spend all your time closing (less time in admin)
It's a ground up re-building of your sales process, and it's much more fluid, repeatable, fun to run, and helps you make offers that sellers will have a hard time saying no to. 
We'll all be building this together over 60 days. 
It'll instantly boost your conversion rates.
It'll make you way more confident in how you run your appointments.
And it turns your sales into a machine you could easily train others to run.
And you'll be ready to start pouring leads into your business without fear of dumping money down the drain with deals constantly falling through the cracks.
Oh yeah...and this will be the first time I've collaborated with somebody to make AND run the program. Somebody who does exactly what is taught in the instructions.
Mr. Erik Bee!

AND...for our Community:


We'll be using a brand new community + training portal that is by far the simplest, most effective tool we've found for communities like ours. 
It's called "Skool" and it looks like this:
An engaging community, simple content portal, and call calendar...all under one elegant roof. 
Without the distraction of Facebook.

Want to be part of this new direction? READ ON:


You're an "OG" if you paid once for Lifetime Access to our original program back in 2019-2021 (which you will continue to have access to).

CHECK YOUR EMAIL. You will NOT be automatically Grandfathered into this new program (since it's a new program). You WILL keep access to the original 8020Members portal and FB group. 
The email you recieved presents you with all of your options to join Momentum and the new Skool community. 
I value your involvement in our little community here and would LOVE to have you continue to be a part of what we're building here.
We’re looking to make this an active and engaged community with no backseat drives, which I am sure you can appreciate.

It’s important to me, Erik and the community that everyone that joins is IN and ACTIVE!!!

It’s where the magic happens.

Didn't recieve the email? Email d@join8020.com


You're an annual member if your billing is on recurring annual or monthly enrollment.
You're in! But first, you need to fill out an intake form to access everything. 
Check your email for that link to access the 80/20 Momentum training and the new Skool community.

Didn't recieve the email? Email d@join8020.com


Let's fix that! 

You must have completed at least 5 deals in the last 12 months. 

If that's you, let's get the party started:

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Together with Erik Bee, I couldn't be more excited to refresh the 80/20 Community and get your sales process as dialed in as possible to thrive during the downturn and beyond.

I'll see you in Skool! 

Any questions at all, please email d@join8020.com 
Cheers to your best year yet,
-Dan, Erik, and Team 8020
You'll find more info about 80/20 Momentum below


Phase 1: The Setter/Closer Model, Goals, 80/20 Thinking

The Setter/Closer model is the best way to scale sales.  

It gets you out of the admin work, and it creates a better experience for the seller. 

Setters, or Lead Managers, prequalify and set the expectations for working with the Closer, so the Closer can just spend time homeowners who are ready for an offer. 

Great setters make the best closers and create a smooth transaction.

We didn't invent it, but we've dialed it in for REI Acquisitions.


Phase 2: Install the “8020 Appointment Flow” process for your next seller call

The 8020 Appointment Flow is a systemized process for real estate investors to provide sellers with a transparent, non-manipulative, non-salesy, HIGH CONVERTING experience.

It's a carefully crafted flow of credibility, comps, multiple offers, and the purchase & sale agreement itself, all presented visually in a real-time way with the seller.

You'll look like a pro. You work WITH your seller, not against them. 

It's a systemized process that you or your Acquisitions Manager can use to provide a solution-based approach and dramatically increase the chances of monetizing every single offer you make.

Phase 3: Set up your CRM and essential tools

Setting up your CRM system helps you to organize and streamline your lead management, allowing you to effectively track and nurture leads, set appointments, and follow-up automatically. 

We give you the play-by-play for setting up your daily workflow inside the CRM, plus all the essential tools needed to analyze the deals, pull comps, and estimate repairs quickly and easily. 

We'll show you how to organize your files, and keep your tech stack as simplified as possible.

Phase 4: Hire a leads manager/sales assistant/follow-up specialist (step-by-step)

Hiring a leads manager, sales assistant, or follow-up specialist is an important step to taking your business to the next level.

We will provide you with the exact step by step guide to recruit and onboard a detail-oriented, people-loving leads manager that will be the Robin to your Batman in the sales process. 

If you already have a Leads Manager...you'll learn to pivot their role to maximize conversions.

Phase 5: Managing leads, systemizing follow-up (this trains your new assistant)

We will show you/your Lead Manager how to manage the pipeline inside your CRM> 

These modules will train them on your behalf so you don't have to. 

You'll have a system that follows up with the right sellers at the right time (with the right touch).

Phase 6: Sales Ops, tracking, and scaling

Time to scale and dial in your sales ops (team, training, and process)

You'll use our Scorecard to track and analyze the performance of your Setter/Closer sales system.

We'll give you the playbook to train your team, run effective sales meetings, and set your business up to scale a team around your newly dialed in sales machine.


  • You are an REI investor who have done at least 5 deals in the last 12 months
  • You're in the business of acquiring real estate (including wholesaling, rehab, buy n' hold)
  • You want to turn your hustle into a systemized sales machine.
  • You're stuck in running day-to-day activities (Admin, Finance, Dispositions, Marketing, Sales etc., )
  • You're great at doing deals but you're too busy with everything else
  • You're ready to do what it takes to do the dirty work of building CONSISTENT revenue.
About The Creator and New 80/20 Program Director, Erik Bee

"Stop wasting money on leads without a bullet-proof sales process.”

Raised by a professional Appraiser, Erik Bee has been surrounded by real estate his whole life. 

His background in appraisal lead to leading the sales and marketing team at CT Homes, the flagship acquisitions arm of Than Merril's Fortune Builders. 

He went on to start his own investing firm, where he personally went on over 1000 seller appointments to perfect his "8020 Appointment Flow" process in San Diego. 

He's consulted with dozens of REI companies with across the nation with Real Estate Funnel Solutions to help them implement his sales systems and teams. 

He know runs the 80/20 Momentum and 80/20 Academy programs to help active investors turn their hustle into a systemized machine doing 5+ acquisitions per month. 

Dan Schwartz, Founder of 80/20 Investor Academy

After 5 years as a full time investor, and co-founding InvestorFuse, the leading lead conversion software in the real estate investor space, Dan realized that his top clients consistently needed help with more than just lead management:

- Team

- Systems

- Sales

- Time Management

- Defining Strategy, Plan, and Sequencing Projects

- KPIs

Basically everything to do with becoming scale-ABLE...

so you can increase your lead flow without the entire business breaking down.

What started as consulting calls in 2018 quickly turned into what is now a thriving community of over 200 REI founders focused on mastering ENTREPRENEURSHIP and personal growth.


Let's fix that! 

You must have completed at least 5 deals in the last 12 months. 

If that's you, let's get the party started:

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