For Real Estate Investors Who are Concerned About The Coming Economic Crash…

FREE Training Reveals: How To Generate  Consistent 💰 In Real Estate Investing By Turning Your Hustle Into Systemized Machine.

Inside this exclusive training you'll discover:

  • A simple "80/20 Operating System" for generating consistent $100k / month even if you are too busy
  • How to 2x your Real Estate Deal Flow & Leads
  • Learn to scale the business to run and GROW without you at the helm...even if you dislike managing & hiring people

What our Clients Say

Nick Perry

Founder, WantToSellNow

It used to take me 70 hours a week to do 3-5 deals a month. With Dan's 80/20 systems, now we close over a dozen deals a WEEK and I only work because I want to...

Tyler Austin

Founder, REISift

Dan has helped me dial my operations in to the point I don't ever have to talk to sellers or look at deals. Last month we did $90,000 in assignments. This is a mandatory community.

Vaughn Bethell

Founder, REI Junkies

The Academy is game-changing! It gives you an exact blueprint to set up the systems and processes so your business serves YOU (not the other way around). 

About The Creator

After 5 years as a full time investor, and co-founding InvestorFuse, the leading lead conversion software in the real estate investor space, Dan realized that his top clients consistently needed help with more than just lead management:

- Team

- Systems

- Sales

- Time Management

- Defining Strategy, Plan, and Sequencing Projects

- KPIs

Basically everything to do with becoming scale-ABLE...

so you can increase your lead flow without the entire business breaking down.

What started as consulting calls in 2018 quickly turned into what is now a thriving community of over 170 REI founders focused on mastering ENTREPRENEURSHIP, business scale, and personal growth.

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