For Real Estate Investors who are concerned about the coming economic crash…

How To Consistently Close 5+ Deals per Month Making Offers Sellers Can't Refuse

...without gimmicky, manipulative, used-car sales tactics


  • You are an REI investor who have done at least 5 deals in the last 12 months
  • You're in the business of acquiring real estate (including wholesaling, rehab, buy n' hold)
  • You want to turn your hustle into a systemized sales machine.
  • You're stuck in running day-to-day activities (Admin, Finance, Dispositions, Marketing, Sales etc., )
  • You're great at doing deals but you're too busy with everything else
  • You're ready to do what it takes to do the dirty work of building CONSISTENT revenue.


Phase 1: The Setter/Closer Model, Goals, 80/20 Thinking

The Setter/Closer model is the best way to scale sales.  

It gets you out of the admin work, and it creates a better experience for the seller. 

Setters, or Lead Managers, prequalify and set the expectations for working with the Closer, so the Closer can just spend time homeowners who are ready for an offer. 

Great setters make the best closers and create a smooth transaction.

We didn't invent it, but we've dialed it in for REI Acquisitions.


Phase 2: Install the “8020 Appointment Flow” process for your next seller call

The 8020 Appointment Flow is a systemized process for real estate investors to provide sellers with a transparent, non-manipulative, non-salesy, HIGH CONVERTING experience.

It's a carefully crafted flow of credibility, comps, multiple offers, and the purchase & sale agreement itself, all presented visually in a real-time way with the seller.

You'll look like a pro. You work WITH your seller, not against them. 

It's a systemized process that you or your Acquisitions Manager can use to provide a solution-based approach and dramatically increase the chances of monetizing every single offer you make.

Phase 3: Set up your CRM and essential tools

Setting up your CRM system helps you to organize and streamline your lead management, allowing you to effectively track and nurture leads, set appointments, and follow-up automatically. 

We give you the play-by-play for setting up your daily workflow inside the CRM, plus all the essential tools needed to analyze the deals, pull comps, and estimate repairs quickly and easily. 

We'll show you how to organize your files, and keep your tech stack as simplified as possible.

Phase 4: Hire a leads manager/sales assistant/follow-up specialist (step-by-step)

Hiring a leads manager, sales assistant, or follow-up specialist is an important step to taking your business to the next level.

We will provide you with the exact step by step guide to recruit and onboard a detail-oriented, people-loving leads manager that will be the Robin to your Batman in the sales process. 

If you already have a Leads'll learn to pivot their role to maximize conversions.

Phase 5: Managing leads, systemizing follow-up (this trains your new assistant)

We will show you/your Lead Manager how to manage the pipeline inside your CRM> 

These modules will train them on your behalf so you don't have to. 

You'll have a system that follows up with the right sellers at the right time (with the right touch).

Phase 6: Sales Ops, tracking, and scaling

Time to scale and dial in your sales ops (team, training, and process)

You'll use our Scorecard to track and analyze the performance of your Setter/Closer sales system.

We'll give you the playbook to train your team, run effective sales meetings, and set your business up to scale a team around your newly dialed in sales machine.


Our Success Coaches have implemented the exact systems you'll use.
Our instructions get right to the point. No 3 hour training here.

Weekly Collab Calls with 8020 Success Coaches will keep you accountable to implement your "8020 Appointment Flow." 

Our Community is NOT on Facebook. Get help whenever you need it without the chaos and distraction of social media. 

Get access to our systems, tools, templates & to-the-point instruction to implement immediately and boost your conversion rates.



Automated Follow up Templates

Are you tired of spending hours on manual follow-up, only to miss out on potential deals? Look no further than our automated follow-up templates!

These proven templates allow you to pre-write and schedule follow-up messages to be sent to leads at specific intervals, increasing efficiency and ensuring that leads are consistently followed up with in a timely manner, thus increasing the chances of closing a deal.

Not only will this save you time, but it will also help you to reach more leads and close more deals, helping you to scale your business faster than ever before. 

Lead Manager Hiring Guide

Our Lead Manager Hiring Guide is designed to help you find the perfect candidate for your team.

The guide covers everything from defining the role and responsibilities to conducting interviews and checking references. It also includes a list of targeted questions to ask during the interview process, so you can assess the candidate's qualifications and fit for the role.

Don't waste your time sifting through resumes and conducting interviews without a plan. With our Lead Manager Hiring Guide, you'll be able to find the perfect lead manager for your business in no time. 

CRM Checklist

Our CRM Checklist is a comprehensive guide designed to help you set up and optimize your customer relationship management system for your real estate investing business.

This checklist includes crucial steps and considerations to ensure that your CRM is properly set up and configured for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

With this checklist, you will be able to make sure that your CRM is set up correctly, and that you are using it to its full potential. It will help you to stay organized, track leads, set appointments, and close deals effectively. 



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About The Creator, Erik Bee

"Stop wasting money on leads without a bullet-proof sales process.”

Raised by a professional Appraiser, Erik Bee has been surrounded by real estate his whole life. 

His background in appraisal lead to leading the sales and marketing team at CT Homes, the flagship acquisitions arm of Than Merril's Fortune Builders. 

He went on to start his own investing firm, where he personally went on over 1000 seller appointments to perfect his "8020 Appointment Flow" process in San Diego. 

He's consulted with dozens of REI companies with across the nation with Real Estate Funnel Solutions to help them implement his sales systems and teams. 

He know runs the 80/20 Momentum and 80/20 Academy programs to help active investors turn their hustle into a systemized machine doing 5+ acquisitions per month. 

About The Co-Creator, Dan Schwartz

"The most important thing is to build systems for others to succeed.”

Dan Schwartz founded the REI CRM InvestorFuse, which has helped 1000s of real estate investors get a grip on their leads to close more deals. He sold the company in 2022. 

He then went on to found the 80/20 Investor Academy, a community and educational platform which now serves over 220 actively scaling real estate investors. 

He's obsessed with helping entrepreneurs create leverage and freedom through business systems and amazing teams. 

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